Custom Tapware

A local farmer enlisted my help to create a unique feature for his home brewery. He envisioned something unique for his beautiful butcher’s sink—custom tapware that reflected his farm’s rustic, authentic style, unlike anything available off the shelf.

Faced with the challenge

of designing a tap that could deliver water without the conventional setup, I started with the basics. How do you stop water? With a valve. How do you channel it? Through a pipe. This sparked the idea to craft a fundamental yet innovative tap design.
I devised a system where hot water is dispensed from the left and cold water from the right. This setup not only supports the usual demands—providing hot, cold, and mixed water—but also introduces enhanced functionality:

  • The tap features two separate outlets, allowing simultaneous access to pure hot water from one and cold water from the other.
  • Both sinks can be filled with either hot or cold water, or both can be set to dispense warm water simultaneously.
  • With five isolation valves and dual outlets, it’s possible to control the flow rate independently for each sink, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.
custom tapware

This custom tapware doesn’t just serve a practical purpose; it also adds an element of engineering delight, turning a tap into an interactive, enjoyable experience.

The result is a tap system that perfectly complements the farmer’s vision, combining functionality with a unique style that enhances his brewing process and the overall aesthetic of his farmstead.

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